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Hope for Today - The Amazing Truth of God's Love!

Listen to this inspiring message by Joel Chavady on what it means to surrender to Jesus Christ. In this message Joel talks about praying for salvation, about the cross and about laying down one's life for Christ. His quotations are from Mark 8:34-35.

An Urgent Call to Prayer by Joel Chavady

I have it on my heart to share with you some urgent news to do with a chemical and possibly nuclear threat in the Middle East. Over the last few days there has been rising tension in the region. In a recent interview U.S. general Vallely said, "Just in the last week we had very definitive and confirmed information that Iran is actually planning some type of a pre-emptive attack against Israel... My own feeling is that Iran already has the nuclear weapons. They are just trying to figure out how to put that nuclear warhead on... and launch it."

He continued, "A submarine docked at Beirut a little over a week ago-a Soviet submarine with an Iranian flag. ...The off-loaders had gas masks on and Hazmat gear indicating to me that some form of chemical weapons are being off-loaded from the submarine to the control of Hezbollah." He also warned, "More advanced scud missiles are being shipped from Syria... The estimate is that anywhere between 50,000 and 60,000 rockets and missiles have been placed in Southern Lebanon."

This is shocking news from one of the most well-informed men in the United States. I believe this news is a call to prayer, especially for God's people, Israel. We need to pray for the peace and protection of God's holy people. The Crisis Response Prayer Team (CRPT) has been created to meet this need. If you would like to join with others in prayer visit the CRPT page.

To alert other Christians to this need click here.

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" - Psalm 122:6

God bless,

Joel Chavady

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Sarah Salvation Testimony

Sarah was filled with joy as she prayed, "Lord I believe you died for me, I give you my life!"

Haiti Report

The Haiti prayer meeting was a great success, we saw more than 40 people come out to pray and praise the Lord.

Carl and Haiti - Prayer & Praise Report

We hope you will enjoy this new prayer and praise report from Joel.

Prayer Meeting for Haiti - Report

The meeting was a great success, thank you to those who joined and prayed with us. More than 70 people came to the meeting in total and as we prayed the Lord's presence was truly real. We prayed with tears in our eyes and we know that the Lord has heard us. Let's continue to keep Haiti in our thoughts and prayers especially those who are in critical need.

Online Prayer Meeting for Haiti

We are going to be dedicating this week's Tuesday Evening Prayer Meeting to praying for Haiti. However, we will also be hosting the prayer meeting online. If you cannot join us in person you can feel free to join us at: The Video Conferenceroom. If you have been touched by the recent events in Haiti as we have do consider joining us and inviting your friends.

We will be hosting the meeting at 7:00 p.m. GMT - 6:

A New Prayer and Praise Report from Joel

Joel Chavady's Prayer and Fellowship Group Updated

facebook group design 13 small We have just updated our Facebook group. The group is a place where we can gather for prayer and fellowship. We are a group of people actively seeking to advance the kingdom of God by prayer, preaching, teaching and fellowship. We are currently praying for revival in the church, especially in Canada and we hope you will join us as we pray and build up the body of Christ.

The Key to the Kingdom of Heaven

We have just finished creating a message called the Key to the Kingdom of heaven. It is an audio message which talks about the fundamentals of Christian faith. Feel free to share this message with your friends, especially those interested in Christ.